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Take a Break From Testing

Take a break from testingI was testing an application for quite some time and was out of ideas to find new bugs. Now this does not mean that the application was without bugs. Remember, no application is completely bug free.

Failing to find new bugs does not mean that there are NO bugs. I was out of ideas and was tired to find issues, defects, anomalies or anything that felt suspicious within the application after continuous hours of testing thanks to my exhausted mind. So i decided to take a break and come back fresh.

Imagine you get pest control done in your house and you believe that the house is bug free for now. Yes, it may be bug free only in those areas where the pest control was done. But what about those tiny little gray areas that the pest control team missed out on. Areas that are still exposed but not visible to naked eye. And those are the bugs hide-out places.

It’s not rare to miss such areas while testing. A fresh mind acts as a tool that will soon find and hit on those gray areas in application that were not tested before. So it’s essential to take break and come back with a new version of testing the application (any functionality in particular) which might have been ignored in initial QA.

A Tester’s job is to cover every business critical functionality in the interest of stake holders.

A function may have many attributes, so it’s necessary to test the function from all perspectives. for eg: if the “Image Upload” says to upload jpg, jpeg, png, tiff images only and you test it with all except tiff because you never had the test data for it, you might be ignoring an area that may not be bug free.

Sometimes a QA may miss testing the lesser known attributes of any function within the application if the major functionality is intact and running fine. And this may result in your first gray area and a potential bug. Once the application goes live, your end user will find it out for you and this may not be in the best of interest of stakeholders or you as a tester. Tester can avoid such situations by taking break from testing the application and come back strong with fresh outlook. Pair Testing is another good way to think differently and ask questions. it gives a new perspective to test the application. No two testers think alike. So it’s always good to involve team mates when you are out of questions to ask.

If a new functionality is introduced within the application, Tester may skip testing it in other Browsers considering the fact that she has already tested most part of the application in other browsers before the new functionality was introduced. So she assumes that the new functionality will just work fine in other browsers as well. So she has just created another gray area.

Testing the application from an end user’s perspective as to how an end user will work upon the application with respect to business critical transactions is quite a necessity.

Mind is the greatest tool for a Tester. So make sure when you test the application, you explore new areas with an approach to break the application and not be broken by the application because of an exhausted mind!!!

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Rahul Aggarwal

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Rahul Aggarwal
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2 thoughts on “Take a Break From Testing

  1. Gaurav Khurana says:

    Yeah thats true, pair testing is a nice idea. other way to take some inputs from business scenario and developer to get your scenario reviewed

    • admin says:

      yes, its important to understand the Business critical transactions and prepare scenarios / user stories and get them reviewed.

      Sometimes QA herself may not completely understand the application let alone business scenarios. So its important to ask questions to stake holders and get clarity.



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