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Can BA Graduate Learn Software Testing?

I say I am an engineer, irrespective of the stream (branch) I studied, company offers job opportunity. What if I am a BA graduate studied in art? Why I cannot learn software testing and get a good job.

James Bach says that “Software Testing is skill of mind” It is an art which one can learn and practice. It is not Computer science completely. Some part is dependent but it is more of exploration.

I feel it depends on individual to learn. He can learn skills like exploration, asking questions, investigating problems, identifying bugs or writing a bug report. These skills can be learnt.

Anyone who wants to learn software testing course irrespective of degree he / she can join some good training institute who can offer good knowledge on software testing.

I feel software testing institute should provide:

  • Basics of computers
  • Software Testing methods, definitions, approaches and testing related terms.
  • Awareness of myths, old practices like scripted testing approach, agile testing, context driven testing community and testing certifications
  • Writing Bug reports
  • Mind Puzzles
  • Introduction to software testing tools
  • Scripting language which will help you to build your own tool. E.g. Perl
  • Practice, practice and practice sessions.
  • Opportunities in software testing
  • Walkthrough or testing demos
  • Test Matrix
  • Types of testing
  • Communication skills specially dealing with developers, managers and client

Anyone who wants to learn software testing can learn. You need to have passion for it if not still you need to have urge to learn. Any profession which stops learning new things it stagnates. Growth stops. One day you get dead end in your career if you stop learning.

Software testing is ongoing process. Every project, every question, new context would teaches you new lesson. It is most happening field.

I do not understand what kind of business these software institutes are doing in India. 100% job guarantee in crash course or within a month. Though it’s lucrative offer but is it really fruitful? What is job guarantee?

Why not these institutes give guarantee of making thoughtful, thinker tester. And let the company select them. Why they do not have ability to teach or coach students to create their bright future.

Is there any school you attended which gave you guarantee of engineering or medical colleges? Is there any college gives job guarantee? Is there any company gives lifetime job guarantee?


I feel guarantee is illusion. But you can only guarantee of yourself. You can guarantee to strive hard to learn skills, to sharpen your saw. You can guarantee to serve better than your yesterday’s service. You can guarantee of yourself.

Let the world follow or choose you…

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Savita Munde

Tester at Mindhunters
She is a Tester by profession. Works on various freelance QA projects. And she is twin's mom.

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6 thoughts on “Can BA Graduate Learn Software Testing?

  1. Prasanna says:

    Anyone can learn testing and do testing, but the employers should also accept this fact and allow non-engineering/MCA graduates for interview. It will solve the problem of fake candidates to a great extent.

    • savita says:

      I am not sure that it solve the problem of fake candidates… but definitely it will create the urge of learning testing rather than getting certification and faking in interviews 🙂

  2. shubham tiwari says:

    I have done graduate with art. My math is also weak.but i want to learn software testing. What the scope after it

  3. deepak kumar says:

    I am Deepak .i have bca and now i m pursuing pgdbm (markiting)
    But i m intrested in testing can i do this course

  4. Sushmitha.S says:

    M Sushmitha..I ve done my BCOM n 2014..nd I wanna do dis software testing which institutions in banglore s gud for dis course..can any1 suggest me plz.

  5. Kiranmai Sahukari says:

    Hi. I am Kiranmai n I hv done my BA in 2002. Got married and wants to start my career in software testing. Can any one suggest any institute in Navi Mumbai that provides such training?


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