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9 Good Reasons To Choose Career In Software Testing

Career ChoiceAs its rightly said, one of the most common reason to choose career in Software Testing is, “You get job easily”. But this reason creates a false hope of having a good career and a handsome salary. Speaking about “having good career” – I quit my job out of frustration.

Initial few years of my job, I did not find software testing as an exciting career option. Running the same test cases every day, Running the same automation scripts which miserably failed every time, Reporting pass fail count, Copy pasting same test cases etc. etc.. I was stuck in same boring, mundane task list forever.

And that’s when i said, “I Quit”.

There’s a myth: “Software Testing field is uninteresting”. However the truth about software testing is – Its one of the finest and interesting fields to take up as a profession.

Every new task is like an unsolved puzzle where Tester tries different methods through critical thinking to solve the problem. And one can develop this thinking only by learning. In fact learning is the core essence of this field. Each new context of the project teaches mind-blowing topics which you can never think of learning otherwise. However it all depends on your approach towards learning testing.

Youngsters looking for job in Software Testing field should focus on learning to get the job rather than focusing on job and do the learning. Learning should be fun. Automatically one will find thrill in Software Testing.

Many good reasons can help you choose your career in this field. Here are my 9 reasons to choose Software Testing as career.

9 reasons to choose career in Software Testing

Reason #1: Unleash your true potential 

Initial phase of my career, I always underestimated my abilities. I used to compare myself with others. I merged myself into uninteresting tasks and found myself on road to dead end.

One day I came across a blog on Testing which changed my perception of testing totally. It wasn’t about testing techniques like regression or automation, it was about Becoming a skilled tester.

I started reading alot, writing and implementing and realized my true potential. I realized my reasoning ability, learning ability, problem solving ability and so on.

If it wasn’t for Testing then I wouldn’t have read books like “System Thinking” or “Refutation & Conjunctures”, “Predictably Irrational” etc. These kind of books helped me to understand System, Human psychology, and it helped me to do better work in testing.

I would have never learned the human psychology or solve puzzles. It was a huge leap from being nobody to somebody thanks to Testing.

Software Testing is one the best career choice. It explores your true potential and you will be amazed once you realize it.

Reason #2: Improves your communication

I finished my schooling in Marathi medium. Completed my engineering with a low confidence. And miserably failed in interviews due to lack of proper communication. The biggest fear I had was communicating in English with someone. Whether its writing or speaking communication, I failed.

Fortunately working in software testing pushed me to the limits and forced me to learn and communicate. Day by day my writing and speaking skills started improving. I made conscious efforts with a thought of delivering excellent work. And my team should not suffer because of lack of proper communication.

Today I am confident about my work and my communication.

In many instances, Tester needs to communicate with stakeholders to understand requirements, discuss with developers over non-reproducible issues, review other tester’s work or ask project related questions to business analysts, all activities require strong communication. Tester also communicate through their bug reports, test plan. Effective communication is very essential in the project.

I still spend lot of time on reviewing and editing my own email which contains queries related to the project requirement. If I fail to do so then I will not receive the information which is required to do my job.

In a way you keep improving your communication over a period of time. Its bonus you get if you are having or choosing a career in this field.

Reason #3: Improves your decision making skills

Decision making is the most important skill. And every human being posses it. Only problem is, you do not focus consciously.

Tester is the one, who put efforts to make conscious decisions. For example, to decide a bug, tester has to collect information which supports his decision whether to call it a bug or not. This process fine tunes his ability of decision making.

Similarly, many instances where he has to use his ability of making decisions like – deciding tests which finds valid bugs, choosing tools to automate or creating test data.

Hence, testing enhances decision making ability with time.

Reason #4: Patience is Virtue

Patience, is the most difficult thing and not every one is good at it. But surprisingly tester is.

He has patience to find bugs in the application. Very patient when it comes to reproducing intermittent bugs. He keeps his cool when handling stakeholders. Learns patiently how end user operates application. Listen carefully what application is trying to tell him. Wait patiently to receive information.

Steadily he builds his patience so that his manager, client can release quality software successfully.

Reason #5: Handles multiple clients at the same time

In the field of testing, client is anyone benefiting from the work of a tester.

Tester handles Delivery Manager, Reporting Manager, Clients, Developers, Copywriter, Customer Support executive, Business Analyst, Marketing Executive  and so on.

He is the one, who helps every stakeholder. As he understand the quality of the software. He is the one who knows how system works and how it fails.

So handling different types of people helps him to build confidence and self-esteem.

Reason #6: Insightful person 

Tester has to learn the domain, he has to learn the application, and many other things to complete job in hand. In the process of learning consciously and unconsciously,  he become wise.

Tester has to ask questions and get answers. Answers which is not easily available in documents. I mean tacit knowledge. Nobody has written down for him to provide a better testing solution. He has to get it by questioning. In the process of questioning he become wise.

To find valid bugs requires proper planning. He has to decide, design and execute test strategies. And he has to try different methods to find bugs. In the process of bug hunting, he become wise.

In fact complete process of testing makes him a wise person.

Reason #7: Sense of responsibility

Tester is the one who serves managers, developers, customer care executive, document writer, business analyst, end user etc.

Hence diligently he perform his duty.

Reason #8: Acquire new skills

Tester has to constantly keep updating his skill set.  New project or technology or function gives him an opportunity to learn and acquire new skills.

For example, if he is working on accounting application then he has to learn accounting. If project decides to use automation then he has to learn automation tool.

So every new process or application provides him an excellent opportunity to acquire new skills.

Imagine, you possessing great skills. Isn’t it exciting?

Reason #9: Endless opportunities 

Software industry is vast. There are endless possibilities to transform traditional businesses through technology. Every seller is making his presence online. Educational institutions are transforming into digital world. Medical Industry is researching to digitize the world.

So its like almost everybody / everything is transforming. So Imagine, opportunities where skilled testers are required. Grab the opportunity because they don’t come often. This is the right time.

I am sure you must be thinking, automation is replacing tester’s jobs. But I personally feel, its not true if you understand software testing deeply.

I can write another post on automation is not taking tester’s job.

Just relax! if you are skilled tester then sky is the limit.  

By this time, you would have made up your mind to join the league of Software Tester. If you have not then read another article.

All the best!

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