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Selenium WebDriver Tips for ‘tinymce’ Text Editor

I have wordpress installed on my localhost server. I was automating some functionality using Selenium Webdriver.


The challenging thing to resolve was ‘tinymce’ (which is a text editor in wordpress) location in webdriver. Because I was able to use xpath expression for RC and IDE but the same code failed in WebDriver. I must have spent almost few hours to get the code working.

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Tips to learn Automation Tools Quickly

How many of you find learning automation tool difficult? Alright, before you answer this, let me tell you what automation means:

|| Automation is to increase productivity, and/or quality beyond that possible with current human labour levels so as to realize economies of scale, and/or realize predictable quality levels. (Sources: Wikipedia)

And Tools means

|| Any item that can be used to achieve a goal.

There are plenty of Automation tools available on internet. You may find some of them difficult to use.

I would like to provide you some tips which may help you to learn automation tool easily. Please note that I am not going to tell you advantages and disadvantages or which automation tool you should pick up for your requirement or learning purpose.

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Automation Vs Manual

One of my students wanted to join Automation course. I generally ask candidates that ‘why they want to learn Automation?’

His answer was, ‘Ma’m there’s an equation which says 80% manual testing and 20% automation but I want to do exactly opposite.’ I immediately asked ‘have you seen any project released successfully with an equation?’ he nodded with an answer ‘No’.

I am neither against automation nor in favour. It depends on the context of your project. Automation would be creative and helpful if you would use it wisely. Success and failure of your efforts depends on your relation with testing tools.

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