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How to apply for Software Testing Jobs?

job searchFew of my students and readers of this blog asked me to write on how to apply for software testing jobs?

These questions reminded me of the days long back when i looked for answers to get a job. And none of my answers (self found) helped me then to get a job in IT industry apart from relentless job search.

Points i discuss in this post today are learned from over 10+ years of experience. I honestly hope these pointers would help you in knowing (understanding) ways to apply for a job.

It’s a sad to know that nowadays Software Testing training institutes attract students by offering job guarantee programs. But post training, most of the students are still without job and their job search gets much more difficult thanks to the kind of training given. Institutes offer training from interview perspective only. The fun element is never present in such training. A student only learns what is essential to get a job. As a result, real essence of testing is missing. And you start feeling, Automation is replacing Manual jobs. So you end up doing another course to learn automation.

While i was searching for a job after my graduation, I miserably failed in almost every interview. My limited knowledge of testing kept me away from building confidence. I did not learn software testing from any institute but later attended BBST course.

Somehow I joined Satyam as a QA analyst but soon moved away from being QA to become a Programmer Manager as I knew my limited Testing  knowledge. Later I realized, if I had learned the soul of Testing, I wouldn’t have moved away from my QA role.

Anyways, I would like to share few guidelines that may work for you during your job hunt.

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9 Good Reasons To Choose Career In Software Testing

Career ChoiceAs its rightly said, one of the most common reason to choose career in Software Testing is, “You get job easily”. But this reason creates a false hope of having a good career and a handsome salary. Speaking about “having good career” – I quit my job out of frustration.

Initial few years of my job, I did not find software testing as an exciting career option. Running the same test cases every day, Running the same automation scripts which miserably failed every time, Reporting pass fail count, Copy pasting same test cases etc. etc.. I was stuck in same boring, mundane task list forever.

And that’s when i said, “I Quit”.

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Lessons Learned in Handling Complex Feature’s Development & Testing

complex featureIn one of my projects, there was a situation. Client proposed a new complex feature for development and wanted to promote it at the earliest. it was an important game changing feature. Now the Requirement from the client about this feature was pretty standard detailing explicit information to set this up.

On reviewing the document, I realized the Requirements weren’t very clear. I had queries. I needed more information. Meanwhile, the development team had started working on the new feature as the client wanted to roll it out within a week.

My Team Lead helped me find answers to few questions. For remaining queries, he asked me to address them to the client. Also, I communicated my concerns to the development team as well.

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6 Avoidable Topics of Software Testing Course

6 topics avoidable software testingI am sure you are reading this article because either you have recently attended or attending or will attend software testing course. You wanted to know whether you are utilizing your time correctly. Is trainer teaching you all that is required to be a tester?

Designing any course or education curriculum takes a huge amount of time.

To design a course one should keep in mind the time duration and the audience.

One of my cousin, joined software testing course in Pune. First she asked me to give her training but due to personal constraints I couldn’t.

After finishing her course I asked her if she can join me on the testing project. She asked me what I suppose to do. I simply said ‘You have to find bugs.’ She paused for a moment and said – ‘I don’t know how to find bugs.’

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