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Is “software testing” a good career option?

Career ChoiceIs “software testing” a good career option? What is its scope in IT industry? A question asked by one of my student who recently completed her education.

It’s very obvious that when someone wants to try new thing then the person would come up with questions. Like if you want to marry then you may ask questions like ‘whether is it a good option or right time or not?’ you may not get satisfying answers from anyone because they will be sharing their own experiences and different perspective about it.

You being a wise person I would recommend to search for answers within you. First understand what your interest is. If you do not come to any conclusion that’s ok because very few can find their interest so easily. You need to try some career options then only you will come to know what your passion is.

I being a trainer, would like to share few aspects of testing career. Assuming that you already decided to be a tester and my view points would add some value. I am not here to advise anyone on their career path. People can make decisions even without advice. And keep one thing in mind that whatever decision you make, thing that matters most is how to make it right and that’s in your hand.

Another thing which I experienced is the quality of being a student. This quality of human to stay student forever would help her grow in any field. So ask yourself ‘How good are you as a student?’

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All Oracles are model but not all models are oracle

Yesterday I was demonstrating the installation testing to my students. One of the student observed that in the installation process ‘Custom’ option does not provide the ‘delete’ folder facility. He raised this as an issue. After questioning why he thinks that this is an issue, I came to know that actual software behavior was conflicting with his mental model. He modeled the regular windows explorer in which create or delete folder options are given in Windows OS.

I wanted him to think ‘Why is ‘Delete’ option not provided?’ One of the reasons could be that while installing software, default location of any program is C:’program files’ and there are high chances that a user may delete an important file.

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What is Test Technique, Method, Type or Style?

Do you often get confused with Test Technique or Test Method? Recently I had a discussion with one of my colleague on ‘Boundary analysis is a technique and Function testing is a type’. I knew that there is no point of forcing my view point onto her because she was very strong in her opinion.

I told myself that what would make a difference if I would call a Function testing technique as function testing type.

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