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Test Case

Questions for Writing Awesome Test Case

What is a test case? I think test case can be an idea which helps a tester to find the problem in the application. One of the drawbacks of writing test cases can be if testers do not understand the objective of writing test cases then it’s just the copy paste of previous test case with few modifications. If you are doing this kind of task then take a pause and reflect on your work.

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Why Screenshot Required For the Passed Test?

Traditional way of testing forces testers to take screenshot for the passed test. Management thinks that its proof if something might go wrong in production then screenshot would help to justify the testing coverage. I find it hard to believe because though your test case is passed it does not mean that you have covered that particular functionality. As I believe testing completely is not possible as software is complex system to observe, operate, configure and evaluate.

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Scripted Vs Exploratory Life

To raise a child there are two ways, one is parent writes the script for their children and another way is teach a child how to live his own life and allow him to design his own script for life. You must be thinking I am insane. But I have been thinking a lot since I left my job.

The scripted approach where parents and teachers give instructions to a child, what he suppose to do? Which television show he should watch? What food he should eat? Which school he should go? Which course he should take in higher education? With whom he should marry? When he should have babies? I think everything is written before child comes out of womb.

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Reflection on “What is a Good Test Case” White Paper

There is no formula or solution to write a good Test Case, immediately I told myself after reading Sir Kaner’s paper on ‘What is a Good Test Case?’

He explained the types of definitions, objectives and characteristics of Test Case.


Various definitions are present from IEEE standard to many. According to him, ‘a Test Case is a question that you ask of the program.’  Asking questions will give desire information about the product

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