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Web Forms without Usability is harmful

Now a days usability (UX) is one of the most important quality criteria to have in every application. A well designed application that focuses on ease of use of end user can only survive in this competitive world and convert users to customers. But the Designers today are more worried about the looks, how clean and attractive is the site rather than focusing on enhancing user experience.

I believe UI is part of UX but design alone will not improve user base, sales, competition unless it’s not focused on improving user experience.

I was working on one of the testing project. My client’s website looked stunningly attractive. Aesthetically pleasing front page UI was enough to attract users. The website talked about their business model and work done in past for various clients. The front end design to some extent fulfilled the business idea.

But their contact form was almost invisible. Though it was inheriting the website theme but was impossible to figure it out easily. Definitely, any pair of human eyes would fail to notice its existence. Now, Users are always multi-tasking when viewing the webpage. So, the chances of overlooking important things are always high.

The Contact Form in discussion here had worst user experience. Entered details in the fields had dark grey font color over black background. It is impossible for end user to review the form before submitting because user has to click on each field to read entered data otherwise not visible.

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Lessons Learned in Handling Complex Feature’s Development & Testing

complex featureIn one of my projects, there was a situation. Client proposed a new complex feature for development and wanted to promote it at the earliest. it was an important game changing feature. Now the Requirement from the client about this feature was pretty standard detailing explicit information to set this up.

On reviewing the document, I realized the Requirements weren’t very clear. I had queries. I needed more information. Meanwhile, the development team had started working on the new feature as the client wanted to roll it out within a week.

My Team Lead helped me find answers to few questions. For remaining queries, he asked me to address them to the client. Also, I communicated my concerns to the development team as well.

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16 Simple Ways That Make Your Bug Report 100% Powerful

Post is not focused on “How to write a Bug Report . Although it is about Bug Reporting, but will talk about “How Not To Write a Bug Report“.

I was recently assigned a project wherein there were already QAs working for quite some time and have raised truck load of bugs in bug tracking tool. My main task was to thoroughly test the website that was already tested by other testers. But before I could proceed, I decided to go through the important bugs already raised by QAs in order to avoid duplicity.

While reading the bug reports, I realized the common mistake QAs made while raising the bugs. I noted most of the bugs reported were in “Rejected” state & others (marked “Important” / “Critical”) were raised in such a manner that the bugs were in “Open” state for quite some time now, thus increasing the defect’s age. As a result, application was leading nowhere, So, client decided to do away with current QA team before it gets worse.

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Warning : Testers may put project in trouble

Often, Testers use words, phrases without calculating the probability of putting oneself / team / project in trouble by use of such statements.

Testers should be wary of using such phrases and should not believe in them blindfold.

List that may set the bomb


Do you really think its possible to do Complete Testing? Can anyone claim that the software is completely bug free? Have you tested the application in different environments, paths & combinations? Were your findings enough to cover entire testing? Have you considered all the possible scenarios? What about non-functional testing? Security, performance Testing? Different OS, browser combinations? Configuration Testing? Testing on Mobile with unending number of combinations.

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Dangers Decoded Before Testing the Application

You are testing an application and you come across a new functionality. You are not sure if it is implemented correctly or not.


Do you know the requirement and understand the intended functionality?

If the answer is No : are you assuming the functionality of application based on your past prejudices? Are you generalizing your understanding to apply the same logic everywhere? Are you being ignorant? Is your knowledge of knowing things from past experiences sufficient enough to know the desired goal in current situation? Are you limiting your knowledge? If you haven’t asked questions to stakeholders or hasn’t gone through oracles, you may be making a big mistake to pass the System  without the knowledge of knowing it. And that’s the first sign of danger.

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