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Web Forms without Usability is harmful

Now a days usability (UX) is one of the most important quality criteria to have in every application. A well designed application that focuses on ease of use of end user can only survive in this competitive world and convert users to customers. But the Designers today are more worried about the looks, how clean and attractive is the site rather than focusing on enhancing user experience.

I believe UI is part of UX but design alone will not improve user base, sales, competition unless it’s not focused on improving user experience.

I was working on one of the testing project. My client’s website looked stunningly attractive. Aesthetically pleasing front page UI was enough to attract users. The website talked about their business model and work done in past for various clients. The front end design to some extent fulfilled the business idea.

But their contact form was almost invisible. Though it was inheriting the website theme but was impossible to figure it out easily. Definitely, any pair of human eyes would fail to notice its existence. Now, Users are always multi-tasking when viewing the webpage. So, the chances of overlooking important things are always high.

The Contact Form in discussion here had worst user experience. Entered details in the fields had dark grey font color over black background. It is impossible for end user to review the form before submitting because user has to click on each field to read entered data otherwise not visible.

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Does common sense affects the usability of the product?

I read in one of the FAQs Help provided on one of the plugin’s website that ‘it’s a common sense to add plugin file to so and so directory’. I was wondering how this can be “Common Sense” to place a plugin file in the expected directory?


What if there are two directories with the same name or what if the directory is missing? Or what if the user is completely new and she is unable to find the location.You blame a person for not doing what the system intended. But is it really the person is to be blamed?

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How to Understand User and Real Time Problem


A Tester is the one who thinks like an end user but he may not foresee the exact situations as he has limitations on his imaginations, he may not come up with the risks involved in it. So now the question is how to understand user and their real time problem?


I remembered the incident where I had to wait for 3 business days to process the request form on share point portal. The request was to get the admin rights for the virtual system. As I did not have other browsers so the default browser was Internet Explorer 8 with Windows7 64 bit.

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