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Checkmate King Under Direct Attack

Checkmate means the king is under direct attack and cannot avoid being captured. There are situations where you want to checkmate someone. May be in debate or discussions or game but I find checkmate principle useful for the bugs that I would raise against the Software.


  1. Why do you think it is a bug?
  2. Are you reporting symptom or real problem?
  3. What supporting facts would help to justify reasons of declaring a bug?
  4. Is it reproducible?
  5. Reproducible steps are clear enough to help others to replicate?
  6. Is bug description provides clarity on bug and its consequences being present in application?
  7. Do you need to attach other reference document or screenshots?
  8. Are you attaching appropriate screenshots?


  1. If bug is already raised in bug tracking system?
  2. Are you giving enough justification while deciding the severity of a bug?
  3. Is it environmental, build, data or application related issue? Categorising bug would help us to get clear idea about bug.
  4. Are you working on latest build?
  5. Is your test data valid and not expired?
  6. Is testing function under construction?
  7. Do you really understand the functionality under test?

I think tester’s effectiveness would be counted on helping developer to fix bugs rapidly.


Tester should apply checkmate principle to avoid rejections. Tester puts huge amount of efforts to find bugs so it makes sense to avoid rejections.



Savita Munde

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She is a Tester by profession. Works on various freelance QA projects. And she is twin's mom.

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