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Conversation between Tester and Developer

Typical scenario where the tester has to convince the developer about the bug. I think this is the most crucial part of a Tester’s life.

Tester: This is an important bug with respect to the usability of the application. Though the bug is fixed then why is it failing in the latest build? And every time the pattern of failing is different.

Developer: I applied the correct logic and it works.

I am a tester who do not give up easily especially when I know that something is wrong and which we can fix immediately. Irrespective of the deadlines or project status being red, I stand to my decision.

I used to have rough conversations with developers where they used to deny the facts about failing application. I empathize to understand their situation, they were frustrated with re-occurring the same bug because of parallel development of different teams, frequent builds, compromising weekends and everyday management follow up for ‘bug fixes’.

I am not against of making friends with developers but I am against the lenient attitude of tester’s approach for getting the bugs fixed. But, this does not mean a tester has to be rude.

My view is, I put myself in customer’s shoe to understand the business logic and what could terrible go wrong with it. I think being a tester one has responsibility to give enough information to the management so they can take timely and appropriate actions as and when needed against the bugs.

When I know that I cannot resolve the matter at developer’s level, I make sure I take it up with Dev Manager or Dev Lead, they might jump into the picture and help developer to understand the bug. I, personally had tough times dealing with leads and explaining them the issue with respect to the requirement and other information.

Being a Test Lead or Tester it was not necessary that I would always get the bug fixed by Dev team, finally the manager would take a call whether to fix it or not. At times, when the bar is raised, it is the situation above us all that demands the criticality of what bug to fix and what can be left out. A tester should not have any personal grudges against the developer or the management.

A Tester should empathise themselves with management and the customer.

If the same bug (you found initially and was ignored) occurs again in future and the client asks you to fix this time, don’t feel bad for ignoring by Dev team it at first place. It’s ok, at least finally the bug is getting fixed. And if the bug does not re-occur, imagine Windows 2000 was released in market with 62000 bugs but still it worked. 🙂


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