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New to Software Testing? Start Here!

If you have landed on this page with curiosity or to learn software testing either way, the treasure of links provided will point you to best handpicked posts.

Whether you are looking for a job in software testing and unsure of where to begin or a tester needing to freshen up your skills, everything you need is right here.

You have career to pursue and want to choose wisely but you have a problem – the same problem every beginner graduate has – you don’t know the future.

And here’s the truth, find out how to make the right career choice before even start.

Choose your career – Want to be a skilled tester? Are you scared to make the leap in this field? You need to read this beautiful post. It encourage who choose career option as Software Testing.

Looking for reasons to choose career as a Tester? Then this article would help you to know reasons in detail.

Manual Testing is not part of Computer Science – You think this field requires Computer Science Background. Then you should read this post. It will change your perspective.

Anyone can learn software testing – You are a BA graduate and believe that software testing is only for computer graduates. Read our article helps to learn more about it.

Truth of Software Testing Institutes – Are you in search of training institutes? Here’s is the painfully honest truth about these institutes. Also read honest truth about Software Testing Training syllabus.

Our Opinion on ISTQB – Do not know the value of ISTQB certification. Then you must read our opinion.

Definitions – Do you get confused with loads of definitions? Or tired of mugging them for an  interview? Here is in depth explanation of Testing definitions.

Technical Terms – Difficulty in understanding technical jargon, then this beautiful post will explain technical terminology in simple language.

Simple way to create your own Test Method – Good news! You can create your own methodology. This post will help you to create your own method for testing.

Already a tester, Need to improve your testing skills?

Your bugs looks mighty fine, and you have so quality bugs reported. You’re pouring your heart and soul into your bug report but the problem is they get rejected.

Time to read up on how to write Bug Report. 

Tips for writing convincing Bug Report – What is missing in bug report? Why it is gets rejected? Wondering what to do about it. Tips present in this post would help you.

Checklist to avoid rejection – Your bug report is rejected because build was wrong. Problem is you missed the checklist. So read this post.

Bug Report has Quality Criteria – Here is eye opener, Bug Report has quality criteria. You want to know what should be considered. Just read this post.

Invalid Bugs – Still unable to report bugs perfectly? Check out this reality of reporting bugs to get you moving.

List of Tester’s Skills – Do you have any of the skill mentioned here? You can possess all of them. Actually you must be having it. It just that you have to recognize it.

Test Case Writing – Tired of copy pasting test cases in excel sheet? This list of questions help you to write good test cases.

How to ask a question? – Ever wish to ask question? Isn’t it most crucial ingredient for the success of testing recipe? Here is the post elaborate on how you can ask a question.

Looking for some Motivation?

Tester is… – Have you considered yourself anything else apart from a Tester? No. Then you should read this post to find out what are possibilities.

Taking break – Ever thought of taking break from your work to speed up your testing? Don’t be surprise but it is fact. It increases your productivity.

Quotes – Get charged with our favorite quotes on testing.

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