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Invalid Bugs

I was going through the bugs which I reported in contest. I was concerned about those bugs which got rejected which came under category called ‘Invalid Bugs’. There are many reasons to make a bug invalid.

I think the main reason to make bugs invalid is unable to reproduce the same bug. Why a person who is reviewing or investigating the bug is unable to reproduce it?

There could be reasons like –

  • The steps written in bug report are not clear or not written at all
  • Description of the bug is ambiguous or obscure
  • Subject (or title)of the bug report does not give clear idea about the bug
  • Attached evidence in the form of screen shot are not clearly pointed out the location of the problem or it does not provide the details of the screen.

One of my previous post I have written on ‘Writing a clear bug report with sufficient information

So far for the two invalid bugs, the reason they declared is that they cannot reproduce. My bug report also says that it’s hard to reproduce however I provided the screenshots. But does screenshots really help a developer to investigate to find what the original problem that caused such behaviour. Actually my mistake was that I did not provide enough information, the detail steps how the bug occurred.

The handy tool for bugs which is hard to reproduce is Log file. As James Bach says Logging file is the friend of Exploratory Testing. For next contest I will be prepared with log file. But I could not find any open source tool for creating log file.

I felt that if your bug report is strong then you maximize the chances of accepting this as a bug by Dev team.

I remembered when I used to work as a Triage team for third party testing group how I used to reject their bugs because of poor description. It was such a pain for me to get the explanation on phone and then reproduce on Dev environment. This is actually a time consuming process.


It does not matter the count of bugs that I report but it matters to me how many bugs were accepted as ‘Valid’. I do not want to win the contest. I want to practice my skills to make it better and better J

A true tester is the one who get fix maximum bugs rather than reporting.


Savita Munde

Tester at Mindhunters
She is a Tester by profession. Works on various freelance QA projects. And she is twin's mom.

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2 thoughts on “Invalid Bugs

  1. Jahira Banu says:

    hi savitha..liked this phrase : “A true tester is the one who get fix maximum bugs rather than reporting”

    You Explained a clear view of marking bugs as invalid bugs…. :)…Yes, I sud also practice to write a neat bug report….

  2. savita says:

    Thanks Jahira!

    That’s great may be we review each other’s bug report 😉


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