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Is there a problem here? Spicejet flight ticket booking issue

My husband was booking flight tickets for Delhi and he pointed out a funny thing on spicejet ticket details.

He filled all contact information and on final print a complete home address did not appeared. Out of five lines of address, 3rd line was replaced with the ‘IP address’.

We both were wondering how IP address could replace home address. Is there a problem here?

  • How come a code get confused with home and ip address?
  • Is there a problem with the query that fired in the background?
  • Or might be data table fields got confused?
  • On the FAQs of spicejet they have mentioned that they store IP address for the security reason. And they display your IP address at the bottom.
  • Sadly I can not reproduce the same result because need to book a flight ticket again.
  • Sadly I do not have previous flight ticket details to compare and judge the issue over here.


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