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Session Based Testing

This was my first experience to do the Session Based Testing. Ajay Balamurugadas’s  post on CAST inspired me to do some session based testing.

I never knew how and where to start, so I scribbled few points as a prerequisite guideline. I have marked the areas I’ll cover in the coming pages.

My team is working on verifying the defects that arise in “System Integration Testing “and I happen to come across different components connected to each other. I downloaded the latest FRD docs from the SharePoint. I was sure that now it’s time to start. The time set for the session was 30 minutes.

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Testing ATM machine

Today morning I wanted to withdraw 3k rupees from ATM. I entered amount and the message appeared “Please Wait while your transaction is being processed” It should take maximum 10 seconds to process a transaction. But it took more than a minute. I was wondering what went wrong in the system. Was system got hanged? Or Does ATM did not have sufficient amount? But it could happen very rare because ATM machine verify the available amount before accepting any cash transaction. Or any Visa network problem? Or Transaction Process system (TPS) did not registered transaction properly? And my tester mind went on and could gather all possible ways that transaction could fail. For a second I forgot that it’s my money and I must worry about it. There was one more ATM. Meanwhile I checked my available balance and it showed me the deducted amount. Now the transaction has recorded in processor but I did not receive cash. And I was wondering what I can do now to get back my cash. I could gather all possible solutions and realized I must cancel my processed transaction and it will take as an exceptional transaction which could happen in scenarios where ATM system get crashed or sudden power cut or customer cancel his/her transaction at any given point of time then system performs Reversal and update the correct entry.

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The mail arrived in my inbox saying …‘Kudos!!! Congratulations to test team for ISTQB certification’

I just wonder how the testers who want to make testing as their career; can follow this certification that has no basis. Moreover the top management encourages this kind of certification!

Does that certification really add value to their knowledge? I am not indicating to  be a testing expert however I don’t do such kind of certification to prove or to show the world. I am fortunate that I found James Bach’s blog on ‘Testing’ as a subject and I could stand against of ISTQB certification with my own  conviction.

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