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Brace Yourself With Learning New Skills Automation

The world is changing and with changing times, it has become all more necessary to evolve. Rise of technology has improved lives and made impossible possible. Newer and better Systems is making way for automation, doing work faster and better. Work that was done few years back by hundreds of people is now done by machines in no time. Remember the rise of calculators. it changed the way we did calculations. Gone are the days when you needed a dedicated person to maintain balance sheets and look after the business critical transactions. No more punching numbers on paper and solving business transactions by crunching numbers. Computers replaced those men as they did the same job in seconds. Nowadays companies are relying more and more on machines (Automation) to do most of their transactions. Recently it was in news, a girl in Australia sent her Robot to Apple store that stood in the queue at 6:30 AM to buy an iphone 6 for her.

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Bug Advocacy For Incomplete Bug Reports

Incomplete bug reportHow often (or rarely) does it happen when your bug gets rejected with a comment (from devs) that they were unable to repro the bug reported. Or it was rejected on the grounds of being incomplete or obsolete ?

if it happens more than often, it’s time to introspect.

Bug Advocacy is crucial to the project. An incomplete bug report can only harm the project to delay it further as it puts everyone’s time and money at stake. QA’s have to put in time to write the bug. Devs have to study the bug and send it back if they do not understand it. Meetings with the management. Stakeholders time and money is involved. Too much of to-and-fro communication just depletes the time and money inches down.

You as a tester need to take charge here. A tester guides the project. you are the one giving direction to it. If a Tester mislead, the project can derail.

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Take a Break From Testing

Take a break from testingI was testing an application for quite some time and was out of ideas to find new bugs. Now this does not mean that the application was without bugs. Remember, no application is completely bug free.

Failing to find new bugs does not mean that there are NO bugs. I was out of ideas and was tired to find issues, defects, anomalies or anything that felt suspicious within the application after continuous hours of testing thanks to my exhausted mind. So i decided to take a break and come back fresh.

Imagine you get pest control done in your house and you believe that the house is bug free for now. Yes, it may be bug free only in those areas where the pest control was done. But what about those tiny little gray areas that the pest control team missed out on. Areas that are still exposed but not visible to naked eye. And those are the bugs hide-out places.

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Why Testers Overlook To Report a Bug?

Have you experienced when you do not report a bug and the same would get caught by your stakeholders and then you repent on your decision of not reporting it?

Oh! I noticed that bug but did not find it important to report it.

Oh! I noticed that bug but I was held up with other things that did not get time to report it.

I think this happens and there could be many possibilities of failing to report it. What might lead to take a decision in such cases? How one can decides to report it? What makes anything new more appealing than the one you overlook ?

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Does common sense affects the usability of the product?

I read in one of the FAQs Help provided on one of the plugin’s website that ‘it’s a common sense to add plugin file to so and so directory’. I was wondering how this can be “Common Sense” to place a plugin file in the expected directory?


What if there are two directories with the same name or what if the directory is missing? Or what if the user is completely new and she is unable to find the location.You blame a person for not doing what the system intended. But is it really the person is to be blamed?

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