Catholic University of Valencia San Vicente Mártir

Juan Carlos Gardón Poggi received University degree from the Faculty of Agrarian Science in Argentina, in 1983. Also he received Masters Degree and PhD from Córdoba University, Spain. He is currently a Professor at the Catholic University of Valencia San Vicente Mártir, at the Department of Medicine and Animal Surgery. He teaches diverse courses in the field of Animal Reproduction and he is the Director of the Veterinary Farm. He also participates in academic postgraduate activities at the Veterinary Faculty of Murcia University, Spain. His research areas include animal physiology, physiology and biotechnology of reproduction either in males or females, the study of gametes under in vitro conditions and the use of ultrasound as a complement to physiological studies and development of applied biotechnologies. Routinely, he supervises students preparing their doctoral, master thesis or final degree projects.,free sex hd

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android 21,Reproductive success is a very important objective to ensure the evolution of animal species. In this sense, interesting research has been carried out to clarify various aspects of reproduction in different animal species. In this way, recent advances in the knowledge of reproductive biology and biotechnology developed for both males and females have been key to improving efficiency in different aspects. Thus, advances in the knowledge of sperm handling, oocyte characteristics, different genomic aspects related to somatic cell nuclear transfer, and the reproductive microarchitecture system in sheep, cows, pigs, and other invertebrates such as gastropods and fish are presented in this book. Additionally, we also present the most relevant topics of each area, making a detailed review of the knowledge reported to date.

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