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Questions for Writing Awesome Test Case

What is a test case? I think test case can be an idea which helps a tester to find the problem in the application. One of the drawbacks of writing test cases can be if testers do not understand the objective of writing test cases then it’s just the copy paste of previous test case with few modifications. If you are doing this kind of task then take a pause and reflect on your work.

Questions for Writing Awesome Test Cases

  • What is the objective of writing test case?
  • Do you really understand what inputs you must mention in the test case?
  • Understand what technique you are using for designing the tests?
  • Learn what is the quality criteria that client is looking for?
  • Find out which oracles will help you to recognize the problems?
  • How do you know that it has a potential to find bugs?

Another point which I think a tester needs to keep in mind is how many test cases are required to test particular functionality. I have seen testers keep repeating the test cases so that they can show the count but that is not going to help to do effective testing.


In the race of numbers aren’t we wasting our valuable resources and overwhelming the tools with unnecessary burden which would eventually add cost for maintaining those test cases.


Savita Munde

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She is a Tester by profession. Works on various freelance QA projects. And she is twin's mom.

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4 thoughts on “Questions for Writing Awesome Test Case

  1. srinivasskc says:

    I have 5 pages in that all pages i have found the bug in the reports..which is common for all pages.

    Should i write the bug in five pages?

    • admin says:

      It depends on the project. Let say you have 5 different team working on those pages then you need to create 5 bug reports. It’s more convenient for development team to work upon those bugs. You also need to consider that if you mention 5 pages in one bug report then there are high chances that it will get fixed only for the one page other may get ignored. So it is good practice to create bug report for individual pages.

  2. Dwarika says:

    Really nice interpretation of writing good test cases.
    Somewhere I have learnt if you are not asking question means you are not a tester and same is also implemented in writing test cases because if you are not asking question then you are missing some scenarios while righting good test cases, once you ask question means u are getting more familiar with the product.

  3. mukund says:

    hello mam how to start my carrier in software testing, in two months i will be completing bachelor of engineering ..
    so plz guide me..


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