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Thinking Confuses and Leads to Question

Being a tester I realized that if a tester would test without thinking then she may not find bugs. Thinking begins with a doubt. Inception of a thought only happens when you doubt.

Mind involvement is very essential in software testing. Because when a tester has doubt about the claim mentioned in the requirement document then she is actually trying to find answers to the questions that arise in her mind. And answers always help to gather facts about the quality the software. A good tester will always conclude based on facts which we call ‘inference’.

Your ability to question ‘the claims in software’ or ‘the specifications given’ will start only when you start doubting everything about the software and this will lead to questions. Tester needs to investigate the claims using his thinking skills.

Whenever there’s confusion about the behavior of the software, it gives birth to various questions in tester’s mind. A tester without his thinking hat on will never be able to raise questions. Questioning will only come when there’s confusion.

Your questions would help you to find the facts of the software which in turn will help you to infer the quality of the software.

It’s a basic human tendency to be confused and if he is not confused, it means, he is not thinking or is not thinking hard enough. And that’s why machines outperform humans as they do the same mundane mindless work better than humans. Machines do not think, only humans do.

Human is always in search of answers to the questions which arises because of confusion in his mind. And those answers then lead to conclusion. This is what we term as Exploration. Exploration helps you to differentiate good from bad, reality from fiction, facts from opinions.


Questioning is the most powerful tool a tester must use in software testing for investigation else it’s like trying to find the path without exploring the jungle. Checking is mechanical, even machines can do checking but machines can never explore, which only humans do.

Testers need thinking, questioning skills else it will become hard for him to raise doubts and ask questions, after all, questioning is actually testing else it will be called ‘checking’.


Savita Munde

Tester at Mindhunters
She is a Tester by profession. Works on various freelance QA projects. And she is twin's mom.

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